Sunday, 17 February 2013

Personalized Stationary

First things first, what was Harry Potter Studios like? Incredible! I think even if you’re not a fan of the films you can’t help but be impressed. I am, of course, completely bias as I love them but the attention to detail is so impressive. Also as a crafter I did get incredibly jealous of all the backstage crew, the prop makers and costume people especially. It was really fascinating to see how it’s done and the amount of work that goes into it. I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit (and I’d happily go back).
You get to try Butterbeer too but as it’s fizzy I knew I wouldn’t like it, I hate drinking anything with fizz. My sister had some and I tried some of the froth on top which I did like.

As expected, they had lots of examples of the letters from the films, I think nothing beats a hand written letter (even when not delivered by owls) and what can be better than sending a letter with your own personalized stationary? Creating stamps made from regular rubbers (erasers) is a great way of doing this.

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There a number of ways of making the stamps but for all you’ll need a rubber/eraser of some sort, there’s lots available, a pencil and something sharp to cut with. Previously I used a craft knife/scapel which does the job well but can be a little tricky. I have since got a lino cutting tool which is perfect. You can get them in craft shops and off the internet for about £5 and they make it a lot easier. A toothpick is ideal for doing dots.

 You can draw your design straight onto the rubber keeping in mind your design will come out in reverse when you stamp it. This is obviously especially important to take into account when words are involved, this must be cut out in mirror image.
Alternatively, draw your design onto a piece of paper using a pencil and then “transfer” your image onto the rubber- place the design face down and rub with the pencil the back of the paper all over. This way the image is automatically reversed for you.

 Once you are happy with the image on the rubber you need to cut it out. Whatever you cut out will remain the colour of the paper so choose whether you want to cut the detail out or cut around the detail leaving that high to be inked. Remember to always cut away from your fingers whichever tool you use!

Then ink up your stamp and see how the print looks. If you’re not happy with the image cut a little more until you are. Lettering, for example, may need to be made a little thicker or extra detail can be added. 

 All that’s left to do is stamp the design onto your chosen paper, stamping the envelope as well is a nice extra touch. You can use a number of stamps to build up a picture as I did in the first image. Get writing and treat your recipient to a very personal and thoughtful letter.

Here are a few more examples of stamps I've made:

Please send a picture if you have a go, I’d be really delighted to see your stamps. Thanks x

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