Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hats, Hats, Hats

I haven't been very well this week so haven't been able to craft!! My brain couldn't even handle a bit of simple knitting and I've learnt from previous experience if you can't concentrate on a project it's better to just leave it alone and continue when you have the ability to do it well.
So I took the time to just totally flake out and rest. This gave me the opportunity to watch the coverage of Royal Ascot in between napping. Recently, thanks to a colleague at work, I've learnt a thing or two about horse racing (I'd still pick them on their name though) but if I'm honest it's the fashion, the hats in particular, that really kept me watching. I can't find a picture of my favourite one, it was a lovely vintage little number. It was mainly green with a cluster of daisies around one side and some simple netting on the other slightly hanging down over the front. It was very pretty and I loved it.
I really liked these two also -

 This bunch are slightly out there but I do like the stamp idea!
Here's a link to more of the wackier creations on show -

I would love to be a milliner, it must be so rewarding to see your creation at a glamourous event with the wearer feeling a million dollars. I have every intention of doing a workshop of course some day (soon hopefully).
I have made fascinators in the past for friends and family, mainly with feathers, to go with specific outfits.
Here's a picture of my Mum wearing one to go with her outfit which was a really unusual colour -
 Also one of my wonderful friend Sarah (both pictures are cropped from larger photographs so if you wouldn't mind, please over look the quality, thank you)
The closest I've come to a proper hat, is this creation but I sill wouldn't say it's a real hat. It's in the style of  an envelope really, I guess, with a beaded focal point.
I'll let you know if I book a course and how it goes!
Craft in earnest! Craftin' Ernest x

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