Monday, 17 June 2013

Threads Galore, Crafty Bargains!

There's a great shop in my home town called "Serendipity" which sell an eclectic mix of mainly second-hand items, with some real absolute bargains to be had! Well it topped itself this week with a truly fabulous find.
My husband spotted two white, plastic cases....

Inside each of them was a large selection of 1000m reels of thread! One case ranging in colour from pale pinks to deep purple and the other every shade of blue you could wish for! In total there was 115 reels and my husband who enjoys a bit of haggling (the exact opposite to me) negotiated the lot for £25, that works out at 21 pence per reel!!

They're fantastic quality as well. WAHOOOO thank you! I had never heard of the make before- Ackermann Isacord, but I've had a look online since and think we did very well.

Things only got better when we went to a car boot sale on Sunday- to replace all the stuff we got rid of when we did one ourselves a couple of weeks ago ;-) and I picked up some bargain goodies there too. I saw a cardboard box with a couple of large embroidery hoops poking out and lots of paper bags. I asked how much the hoops were and the lady said it was £5 for the whole box, no haggling from me, I handed £5 straight over. I couldn't resist, even just for the pleasure of delving into the box to discover what was in there at my leisure was worth the money. I certainly wasn't let down, as well as the hoops there was a pin cushion with lots of needles, some cross stitch aida and loads of embroidery cotton skeins. There was two segmented storage boxes, one filled with cottons already wound onto bobbins and 84 cotton skeins- all Anchor and DMC. I was beaming by the time I had finished. Another bargain!

I don't do cross-stitch myself but I do like to embroider, however I thought I would use some of them to crochet flowers. I made a small pansy to stick on a teeny card and really like how it turned out but I want to go smaller! I'll let you know how I get on.

Have you had any crafty bargains? Leave a comment and let me know all about it.
Until next time, craft in earnest! Craftin' Ernest x

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