Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Love September!

Yay, it's September! I love September and Autumn in general really. It's when the crochet and knitting for Winter starts full swing. Don't get me wrong, I partake in both wonderful crafts all year round but come September the chunky yarns come out and I start on the really wooly wear- lovely, snugly, wooly wear.
I think the beautiful colours of nature are really inspiring too, as the weather cools and the trees and shrubs transform to rich hues of orange, reds, purples and browns- sumptuous, how can you not be inspired?
As the evenings grow darker is there anything better than cosying up with with a big ball of your favourite wool and making a pair of mittens, a cabled beanie or some leg warmers?
So far I've been concentrating on items to keep the cold off the neck- snoods, scarves, and neck warmers.
I bought some James C. Brett Marble Chunky in colour 36 a very autumnal blend of colours and using the "Tulip Stitch", crocheted a neck warmer completed with a lovely, big button. It's asymmetrical in style, inspired by the 1920s/30s and won't let any chill near the back of your neck, that's for sure!
At the same time I bought a scrummy ball of Marble DK colour 33, a vibrant mix of pinks, purples and oranges with a hint of turquoise, how could I resist?! I used the "Close Shell Stitch" and a couple of obligatory buttons to complete a different style of neck warmer/scarf.
Using a purple/grey, mixed fibre, Hobbyknit yarn I crocheted a snood using only good old trebles (UK). I worked in continuous rounds with a beautiful, handmade, wooden hook which is approx 11mm. This one is extremely cosy.
The colour looks different in the two pictures but it's the same yarn- honest!
Last but not least is a versatile, knitted number which can be worn three different ways- so practical. Its pure wool and bright orange with two pewter coloured, metal buttons. I used the "Little Crown Stitch" as I really adore the texture it gives. By fastening the buttons in different ways the look when worn round the neck completely changes and it can also be worn as a headband to keep the wind off your ears.
As the nights get chillier what better way to spend the evening curled up on the sofa, film on the TV and project in hand?
Ooh what to make next? Until next time craft in earnest, Craftin' Ernest x

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