Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cupcake Earrings

I hope everyone had a lovely St. Valentine's Day! I over indulged with yummy chocolates and scrummy cake (in my case birthday cake thanks to my wonderful sister's happy birthday)!
So today I am posting a tutorial for guilt-free, super cute, cupcake earrings made from polymer clay.
I have used Fimo for these ones but any type would work. There are quite a few photographs in this post.
You will need polymer clay in a suitable colour for the cake part. I blended mine using white, caramel and yellow until I was happy with the shade for a traditional sponge. (A dark brown for chocolate cupcake would look good too don't you think? Or how about red for red velvet cupcake?)
White clay for the icing, various colours for hundreds and thousands style topping, e.g. blue, pink and green.
A sharp cutting tool (I've gone for a scalpel), earring findings and some glue.
First shape a small piece of the sponge colour into ball as marked 1. below.
Then roll one side of the ball in your palm with one finger to narrow one side as in 2.
After this flatten the bottom of the narrow end as in 3.
Using the sharp tool create ridges by gently pressing it into the narrowed section.
Next soften a ball of white clay and flatten it. As this for the icing it shouldn't be too neat, after all icing isn't perfectly regular on a cupcake. Attach it to the top of your sponge section, pushing it quite firmly whilst being careful not to distort the sponge.
Roll out very thin lengths of the colours for the hundred and thousands and cut lots of tiny pieces, then press them onto the icing.
Cut the iced cupcake in half from the top down and add a small ball of red, for a cherry, to the top of each.
Now follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to bake your cupcake (for example with Fimo bake at 130 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes), sadly you don't quite get the enticing smell of the real thing :-(
Once the two halves have cooled completely, attach the earring findings with glue (I rough the surface to be glued up a little first to give it a good key to stick to) and leave to dry completely.
Finally enjoy your tasty looking but completely calorie free cupcake earrings!
Another option is to stick them to pieces of card and use them as toppers.
I hope you liked the tutorial and found it helpful, please leave a comment if you want to ask or add something.
I'm off to Poland for my oldest friend's wedding this week, so no doubt they'll be news of that in the next post. I'm very excited and also very lucky as I get to be part of her and her hubby to be's "Big Day" as Matron of Honour!
Until next time- craft in earnest, Craftin' Ernest xx

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