Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day Tripping- Delightful Stroud

Last weekend my husband and I decided to go out for the day but couldn't make up our minds where to go. We were in the car when I suddenly had a brainwave to visit a town nearby which neither of us had ever been to. We're a bit spoilt for choice where we live, although we live in quite a rural town we have easy access to 3 big cities- Cardiff, Bristol and Gloucester are all within 40 minutes of us and so we tend to head to these.
As such we've never been to Stroud which is only 30 miles away and actually a little closer than Gloucester so with the Sun shining on we went.
On arrival we immediately discovered a lovely Farmer's market, which was fantastic and as it turns out is award winning- http://www.fresh-n-local.co.uk/markets/stroud.php It was a lovely mix of yummy food (lunch and dinner sorted) and handmade items. It put me in the hubby's good books as they had a great selection of real ales- his equivalent of my buttons.
This led to a street that gave me high hopes for the town, Threadneedle Street!
Situated here were shops and a flea market with a whole array of goods for sale from wool roving to antiques. Now we're talking!
Whilst in a charity shop around the corner I headed straight for the button tin (it's like a magnet), this is where my other half stepped into his own and told the lady I'd buy the lot if I could, at which she replied you can have them all for £3! Wahooooo yes please, thank you very much.
There was a very interesting "pop-up shop" filled to the rafters with weaving looms, wool and truly beautiful blankets. A shop called "Made in Stroud" as you can guess selling items made in Stroud, there were some exceptional items, it really was a feast for the eyes- there are some very talented people in the area.
On the other side of the high street was another market selling fresh produce outside and an eclectic mix of items.
At the bottom of town was as a wonderful vintage shop, Strangeness & Charm http://www.strangenessandcharmvintage.com/ I picked myself up a quirky vintage brooch made from wire and thread. It's so intricate and I love the thought of someone crafting each of the individual petals and leaves before putting it all together- I look forward to pinning it to my favourite blazer.
The lovely owner was super helpful and gave me a map of Stroud she'd put together pointing out all the great places you might pick up a vintage treasure or two.
There was also a wonderful wool shop called Yarnarama but as I have given up buying wool for Lent I only paid a flying visit (roll on Easter).
We'll definitely be returning in the not so distant future and it just goes to show there may be a little treasure of a town near you just waiting to be explored, give it a go, who knows what you'll find!
Until next time, craft in earnest! Craftin Ernest xxx

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