Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Key Keeper

Today's post involves an extremely simple tutorial for a handy little item if, like me, you are prone to losing things, I'm calling it a Key Keeper and it's inspired by a nifty little thing the local police gave out a few years ago. I'm terrible for losing things, in fact, the more I try not to the quicker I seem to lose an item.
Keys are a good example, so this handy crafted solution not helps prevent their loss but also makes it much quicker to find them in a large handbag (my favourite kind of handbag as you can pack it full of "stuff"). You can also use it for certain purses to help against pickpockets, if you can attach it to part of the purse - a zip pull for example.

All that's needed is a shoelace, 2 clasps, a needle and thread, scissors and a way of sealing the end of the shoelace again- I find either a lighter for a nylon shoelace or clear nail varnish/glue works well.
I've bought particularly snazzy laces especially but any old ones would do.
Cut off the aglet from each end, i.e. the coated ends (thanks to an episode of Disney's Phineas and Ferb for teaching me the actual name) and seal the ends. If using the lighter make sure you do it safely, it only takes a few seconds for the ends to melt and you don't want it to smoke. With the nail varnish, coat the ends with a thick layer and leave it to dry completely.
Thread one end through a clasp and sew it in place (I actually used a sewing machine but it can be done by hand instead).
Repeat for the other end.
Then you just attach one clasp to your keys (or purse if possible or even both) and the other to your bag! Easy peasy.
Here's an alternative using a split ring at one end instead...

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