Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A-tissue (Bless You) Holder

Hello! Although there are definite signs of Spring in the air, it seems to me just about everyone is suffering from a cold at the moment?  However, even if you’re lucky enough to be cold free it’s always good to have a tissue or two on you and this is where a pocket tissue holder comes in very handy- it’s just so much nicer than the packets they're sold in. I must admit they're a little twee but I like that. My Irish Grandma always, and I mean always, had a tissue on her so this post is dedicated to her.
These tissue holders are really simple and quick to make, they’re also great for using up scraps as you only need two pieces of fabric approximately 17cm x 14 cm. The pieces can either be the same so that the lining and the outside are identical or you can use two different fabrics as I have done for this tutorial.

The pouches fit up to 6 or 7 of the standard size, folded pocket tissues measuring approximately 10.5cm x 5.5cm. In just 10 simple steps you're ready to pop one in your bag and go...Cut 2 pieces of fabric 17cm X 14cm.

  • With the right sides facing, pin and sew along both the short edges.
  • Turn the fabric right sides out and iron the sewn seams open.
  • With the outer fabric facing up, fold the fabric so that the sewn seams over lap each other by approximately 1cm and pin in place (you should now only see the lining fabric). It should measure approximately 7cm across.
  • Sew along both ends, first using a straight stitch with a 0.5cm (5mm) seam allowance followed by a zigzag stitch to secure the raw edge and make things a little neater.
  • Trim all four corners off up to the line of straight stitching.
  • Pinch all four corners and pin with the seam folded down to the opposite side of the opening i.e. where the edges overlap
  • Sew a straight line across each pinch corner 1cm (10mm) from the point and trim the excess
  • Turn the pouch the right way out
  • Fill with Tissues!

  • I think they make great, little gifts and are so quick to make you can knock one up for each handbag- because who only has one bag?
    I’d love to know your opinion or if you give making one a try. Until next time craft in earnest, Craftin’ Ernest x

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