Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Day With My Dad

I spent yesterday with my Dad at "A Time To Knot", a macramé group (though there was knitting and kumihimo braiding going on too) who meet once a month in Cardiff Bay set up by Suzen Millidot, author of numerous macramé books. We had a really great day and the group were extremely friendly and welcoming. My Dad is the first man to attend the group and the rest of the ladies were really impressed that he'd spend the day with me at a craft group. I told them he was as keen as I was to go. He went even further into their good books by spending the day making my Mum a necklace to wear in the evening as they were going out for a meal. I guess as he's always been the same and for me it's "the norm" so I found it amusing that they raved about him when he left the room. I know I'm bias but it's true, he is great! My Mum loved her necklace which was an extra nice treat as she starting to feel unwell and my Mum is almost never ill. Today she sounds like a Barry White impersonator and aches all over but she has her necklace to cheer her up.
I spent the day experimenting with different techniques and started various items but never actually finished any of them such as this watch strap, the other half is yet to do.

I bought another of Suzen's books, "Mirco Macramé Jewellery" part of the "Twenty to Make" series, which contained the watch strap project. It's great for beginners like me as all the projects use varieties of the lark's head knot and the square knot. I just kept getting distracted by chatting and watching others. I do want to complete a grocery bag at some point but it may be a while before you see pictures of that.
The group meets in the conference room of the wonderful "Craft in the Bay", a co-operative gallery own by and run by "The Makers Guild in Wales". It was worth the trip alone to see the beautiful, handcrafted items on display and for sale. There is a lot of talent in Wales, you should definitely take a look:
There's also a really good cafe with a huge choice of cakes and delicious, healthy food called Kemi's, it was the cherry on the top of a wonderful day.
I also mentioned baby items in the last post but as almost broke my neck getting up this morning due to the build up of books, magazines and other paraphenalia on the floor by my side of the bed, I had to finally tidy it all up! Whilst I was at it I sorted the stuff under the bed too, I'm a glutton for punishment. It was not a quick job thanks to my inability to get rid of anything, therefore I have only had time to finish one item so far, a crocheted hat.

This is a slighted adapted version of a hat featured in the book, "The Chicks with Sticks' Guide to Crochet" ( I also embellished it with a simple, little flower and, of course, a button.
I really like this book. Funnily enough my Dad bought it for me after I had just learnt to crochet, but as it uses American terms and I hadn't long learnt the British wording I had to be extra careful at first as I kept mixing the stitches up.
I will feature the other items in the midweek post along with a tutorial. Until then keep crafting in earnest! x

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