Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kumihimo Box

Hey there, I mentioned in a previous post how great my Dad is and that we went to a craft group together. Well, he went and proved me totally correct! For the last few weeks he has secretly been making me a gift, and he didn't even know there was no need as I had been singing his praises anyway.
A few years ago, the two of us did an evening course in antique restoration. We had to buy something to restore so headed to a local collectables and antique shop. I bought a small oak table for £10 which turned out really well in my opinion, much better than I had expected. My Mum loved it so it's now in my parent's hallway. Unfortunately, I didn't take before pictures but I'll have to get a picture of it looks now to post. My Dad bought a battered wooden box with broken hinges and was completely stripped bare on the inside (sorry, again no before picture). We thought maybe it once was a cutterly box but don't know for sure. Over the six week course we scrapped them and scrubbed with wire wool before pain stakingly polishing our items. I hadn't really thought about his box since we finshed. That was until the other night when I received a picture text of the closed box asking if I remembered it...
I sure did. Doesn't it look lovely and shiny!
Another part of the back story is that in September my Mum and I went on a day long, craft tour in Somerset. It involved craft centres and private homes opening their doors to people and demonstrating different crafts and showing off their work. We had a lovely time and I discovered Kumihimo weaving and we thought my Dad would probably like it too. So I bought the two of us Beadsmith Kumihimo Disks and on the way home Mum and I called into Hobbycraft for some satin cord. It turns out he did love it and said it gave him an idea but wouldn't say what.
So we've been busy Kumihimo weaving away, I discovered the joy of adding beads- always a good addition in my opinion. Here's a picture of my first necklace using beads whilst Kumihimoing- may have just made-up a new adjective?
So after the first picture message my Dad then sent me a picture of the inside of the box which he had kitted out especially, remember it was just plain, rough wood....
How amazing is that? He's so clever. He's idea had been to turn the box into a great storage place for all the bits needed. The space in the lid on the right is for the round disk but I have a necklace on the go at the moment. It's fully lined with black velvet and I just love it. I'm so grateful he went to the effort- Thanks Dad! (He doesn't read this but he may in the future.)

I'll feature Kumihimo in a blog in the next few weeks. It's such a simple craft to pick up and doesn't cost much at all but ou can get great results from it.
Also, I don't know if they're very clear in the photograph but the front compartment contains some vintage, coloured linen thread, I bought at the Bristol Vintage Fair on Saturday. I'm looking forward to using them!

Until next time,  craft in earnest! x

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