Monday, 25 March 2013

Keep Your Off-cuts

Hi there,
It's been another busy week and electronic gadgets have turned against even more than usual! Thankfully it amuses the hubby but he’s got to get fed up of the constant cry for help at some point? (Update- this post actually went ga-ga after first posting. My apologies, as I said computers are not my thing. I hope I’ve rectified it now.)
I have had a few orders to make this week and I have, also, started things but not had the time to finish them yet. An important example is the Easter Wreath for my Mum, thankfully she’s not expecting so I've given myself until Friday to finish and if I get it done beforehand it's a bonus (but looking unlikely).
I have made booties for a baby boy this time. He’s a bit older at 9 months so they had to be bigger. I didn't have the same frustrations of last time- thank goodness. Mistakes are there to teach us and I learnt that lesson ;-)
I have been making different brooches including a specially commissioned, crocheted one to go with a wedding outfit. Fingers crossed it meets the mark. As usual I forgot to take a finished photo but here’s a pic of the flowers before they were sewn together and black beads and diamantes were sewn in the centres.
 I’ve been making different felt and material flowers such as these….
It occurred to me I could use the off-cuts for the baby boy booties to make a flower. The two fabrics fused together make it an ideal stiffness for the flower. I was quite pleased with the results and think it will look nice on a navy blazer for the Springtime, if the Spring weather ever arrives?
 I will feature a tutorial to make your own flower brooch in a future post very soon.
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