Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dandelion Clock

My last post described how I upcycled an old clock (minus the mechanism) into a box frame complete with Summer scene and stamped "quote". 
I said I was pleased with the result which was good as I had another 2 clocks ready for the same treatment, well I figured there's no time like the present so I cracked on with the second one. 
I ran with the Summer theme again but also referenced the former use...
I chose " There's no tick tock with a dandelion clock" and followed the same process as last time (here). I have no idea why but with this one the stamped letters didn't blur even though I did exactly the same thing. Crafting can be like that, huh?
For the head of the dandelion I drew and filled in a circle with a brown fabric pen. Using my sewing machine I sewed lines radiating out from the circle. I then sewed a spiral over the lines with a decorative stitch that looks like connecting asterisks *******
This caused the fabric to pucker slightly so I cut it out and attached it to a new background with Heat n Bond. I added the wind blown seeds by hand, using the brown fabric pen for the bottom and then hand sewed the top, again an asterisk shape on top of a slightly longer double stitch connected to the brown dash. As with the previous picture I added a bee buzzing around because it just wouldn't be right without one!
One more to go...
I'd love to know which you prefer! Thanks for reading.
Until next time, craft in earnest! Craftin' Ernest x

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