Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Round-Up

So that's another month all but over- where does the time go?
I thought this month I would give a little round up of things from the last few posts. 
The month's second post was all about my brooch collection and I mentioned at the end that I should make a display board for them all- well job done! There's even room for a quite a few more which is always good.
I also shared my last minute, have-a-go, dyeing session with a couple of balls of yarn. This is what it looks like knitting up in plain stockinette stitch, it's going to be a Springtime cowl....
My banana bread turned out to be edible and quickly disappeared at work...
Another little project I made this month, not previously mentioned, was for a gorgeous little cutie-pie who turns one on May Day. In this picture he's only 4 months old but he's showing off a baby-grow I customised for him just perfectly.
I decided upon a ball-shaped bird, made using The WI Collection yarn from Hobbycraft in a gorgeous, deep turquoise. I crocheted a ball, about 10cm in diameter, using all double crochet (British terminology, US single crochet). The yarn label suggests a 9mm hook but as I wanted it nice and tight to hold the stuffing I used a 5mm hook and could have gone even smaller with no problems.
I made 2 little wings and a tail, again using dc and 5mm hook, then sewed them on using the ends. As it's for a small child I really went to town on attaching them securely! 
For each leg- I knitted a 3 stitch i-cord (one of my favourite things to knit, it's just so satisfying) using a a pinky coloured, organic cotton yarn I had left over from another project. When it was the length I wanted, I removed the knitting needle and finished it off with a crochet hook turning each of the stitches into a picot stitch to make a little foot. I repeated the process to make the second leg and then again sewed them on very securely.
For the face I used orange embroidery cotton and a 2mm hook to make a tiny cone shape for the beak, I just made an 8 stitch ring and then crocheted dc decreases in a spiral. I embroidered on two eyes with black embroidery cotton using satin stitch.
I'm pleased with the result, I think he looks like a friendly little fellow but I especially hope the birthday boy likes him.
That's it for April! The start of May is looking good- I'm off to Outlaw Craft Fair in Bristol with my Mum on Saturday. We have a workshop booked and it will be great to spend the day together.
Until next time craft in earnest! Craftin' Ernest x

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